Friday, October 19, 2012


Wednesday was an exciting day this week, I got a wonderful surprise when I met a friend for breakfast and some craft supply shopping at Pat Catans.

She brought me "Martha my new Official Greeter" for Shair's Crows Nest.
We all chatted for awhile in the parking lot and discussed all the great things we were going to make and what supplies we needed to buy and how excited Martha was to be the
new greeter at the Crow's Nest.
Well it was time to go into the store to do some shopping but Martha declined and insisted that she and her babies who she lovingly tucks in her apron pockets would wait in the car.
 The babies were tired and needed a nap.

When we returned to the car after shopping Martha was a little upset and anxious to go....she couldn't figure out why everytime she said "Hello" to someone in the parking lot they would just stop and stare and wouldn't say "Hello" back.....OH WELL!!!
It was getting late and time to head home, Martha and I said goodbye to
our friend and thanked her for a great time.

When we were driving down the road and came to a stop at the first red light I said to Martha now don't be upset if someone looks over and stares and gives us funny looks...we will just
say HELLO and WAVE to them!
Don't forget now...Be sure to stop by Shair's Crows Nest and say
"HELLO" to Martha and the Babies!!!

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